Like hippos racing towards a watering-hole, Lebanon’s finest fashionistas and label-whores gathered at the doors of ABC Achrafieh yesterday morning. The reason? H&M X Balmain - an H&M collection released in collaboration with renowned fashion house Balmain.

It was nothing short of hilarious to watch the feeble security guards at ABC Achrafieh try to contain a bunch of millennials who are horny and hot for some fine couture. Look at their greedy little eyes molesting all that overly-sequined clothing; they’re out for blood.

Just one quick question before I close, did Michael Jackson come back from the dead to help design this collection? I could swear that I’ve seen him wear all these items, red dress included. They also look like the clothes that used to be displayed at Hard Rock Cafe (RIP Hard Rock, we miss you). But whatever floats your boat, Lebanese fashionistas. At one period of time you all decided that wearing headbands was your birth-right, so what do I know?

So, Lebanese fashionistas. May you have found a pair of the $500 leather pants in your size. May you hit up Balima and Mandaloun this weekend in your finest H&M X Balmain evening wear. May your badly sewn leather pants cause serious inner-thigh chafing because…it would be hilarious for you to have spent $500 just to develop a rash.

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