Although we may be physically grown up, there’s still a child within us always waiting to make an appearance. Whether it’s by swinging on a swing set in a park or eagerly popping a bunch of bubble wrap, it is always thrilling to answer to this child’s whimsical urges. So because growing up sucks balls and dodging responsibilities is an invaluable skill, we want to remind you of the things you’re never too old for:

1. Disney movies and musicals

Don’t even try to deny it. When anything Disney-related is on, you will watch it and belt out every single song playing. Hakuna matata, indeed.

2. Board games

Let’s face it, although we all love partaking in fancy dinners and going out for drinks, nothing quite matches the thrill of playing a game of Monopoly and winning. Admittedly, playing as an adult can cause these games to get slightly intense and competitive.

3. Bubble wrap

*heavy breathing * Nothing is more satisfying than popping a full sheet of bubble wrap. It’s the best part about receiving a package!


Who can resist the deliciousness of candy couple with a good old sugar rush? I do not like Halloween parties and slutty costumes, I want go trick or treating with the kids.

5. Cartoon Network

Courage the Cowardly Dog, Ed Edd and Eddy, Cow and Chicken, and many other shows that were a crucial (and possibly traumatizing) part of our childhood. Nothing will ever feel as good as the prospect of Saturday morning cartoons.

6. Bouncy castles

This one comes from a very recent personal experience. I mean, you see a bouncy castle, no kids, and not many people around - what else are you supposed to do?! Will you get bruised and scratched? Yes. Is it worth it? Fuck, yes!

7. Lego

I think I speak for all of us when I say that the older we get, the more we enjoy Lego! With age comes architectural skills that make us so proud of our Lego creations! If you’re playing with a kid, I’m sure you’re the one taking the lead and being overprotective of your creations, and you have every right to; what does that little pooping snot rocket launching hooligan know about the art of Lego anyway!


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