Want to know if you fit the bill? Read on.

1. When going for a walk at the old souk means bumping into everyone you’ve ever met in your entire life.

If you’re looking for some privacy, the souk is definitely not where you should go. You’ll bump into friends, friends-of-friends, a random girl you met at a camp in 1998, schoolmates you haven’t seen since third grade, your university instructor and a third-relative you’ve probably only met at birth.

2. When this traditional house gets more photographed than you’ll EVER be.

This particular house proved itself over the years as the ultimate architectural sensation of the city (and probably the whole country). Aside from the countless free photoshoots, it looks like every Lebanese artist has attempted to paint the iconic house at some point. BE JEALOUS.

3. When you pass by the Citadel almost every day but have actually walked in like once.

That one time you actually walked through the whole thing was probably when you had to serve as a tour guide for your non-Jbeili friends who assumed you might as well know better.

4. When you’re used to meeting your school teachers at the supermarket.

It’s like you’re bound to bumping into a minimum of one school professor every time you hit the supermarket. The (un)expected encounter is naturally an awkward psychological experience for both parties as each of them will attempt to partake in a casual mix of nods and half-smiles, occasionally peppered by some weather talk, before moving into the avoidance strategy.

5. When you start having ‘expectations’ regarding the Christmas tree.

You’re already wondering what this year’s Christmas tree will look like and you’ve carefully weighed the aesthetic parameters in your head to compare it to last year’s tree as soon as it’s set in place (you also can’t wait to take pictures, hundreds of them).

6. When you can’t decide on a beach resort in summer because there are just too many good options.

You’ll usually end up settling for the ‘hip’ alternative, i.e. the one that earned the most check-ins on social media over the weekend.

7. When you catch yourself saying ‘esh’ instead of ‘shou’ and the universe stops making sense.

Did I just accidentally pick up the Jbeili accent? How did this even happen? Is there any possible way I can undo this? I want all my linguistic defense mechanisms activated right now.

8. When you know you’re lucky to have lived in one of Lebanon’s most beautiful cities.

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And I remember when there was no Autostrade and we ran down to the rocky beach and then climbed to a tower in the Crusader castle and felt like the world was our's. Mine and Arthur's.

Nana Daou on Nov 18, 2015 via mobile web
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Well mr Fakhry don't think that you grow up in Jbeil every tourist and every Lebanese knows about your 8 Signes you didn't add anything special

Tony Srour on Nov 17, 2015 via mobile web
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Well i must and will disagree with most if not all the 8 points listed above, as they r fun but not true. The 8 signs (out of 100) you grew up in jbeil are, 1 you will remember when you used to walk calmly in the old souk enjoying the beauty of it without having to pass in the mazes of tables and chairs. 2 you know David, the modest and humble fisherman and you probably tasted his fried fish and fattouch, you remember Antranik, and at least you bought a pair of shoes from Liche3 l 3amchite 3. You would remember when you used to park for free any were in jbeil or around the old souk leaving your car opened and not worry about a thing 4. You had your birthday party or at least attended one either in "Light House (or Zanzibar later on), Abichmo or Le Nautique 5. You've heard about the stories of rayis l mina George Khalife and if u got to meat him you probably tasted his dried fish. 6. For sure u went to "Madinet l malehe" "Dream Park" that used to be on the way down to the port right under "Aux Vieux Port" restaurant, and now it became a paid parking. 7. You remember for sure Tamtam beach, Ramel and Bahsa and how we used to enter for free 8. Last but not least im sure u know how Jbeil kenit 2a7la

Fadi Kaddoum on Nov 17, 2015 via mobile web