Directions via voice note:
Iza jeye min Beirut, you take the Beirut Forum road, keep going straight, dallak jelis jelis - until you can take a right. Not the right next to Train Station, not the right by the fruit stand, not the right next to the gas station, not the one after that - but the one after that one. Okay great! So then keep going straight, dighre dighre. Don't stop until you can either go up or right. Go right. Keep going right, it’s pretty close to my house so I’ll meet you there. Heyne la2?

Addresses don’t exist in Lebanon.

Wrong. They do exist and very few people are aware of this life changing improvement going on in Lebanon.

People complain about the lack of directions everyday while street addresses are being installed throughout Lebanon, and no one is talking about it!

NavLeb is a Lebanese company that offers GPS and Tracking Services for the MENA region, it has also created an Addressing Standard for Lebanon which was approved by the Lebanese government in 2013. As Lebanese-Americans, the founders of NavLeb modeled the system after the American standard; house/building numbers, street names, zip codes - the bare essentials that have never really existed in Lebanon.

The standard to implement addressing for every single part of Lebanon has already been prepared. The implementation is happening gradually and is dependent on the municipality of each city. NavLeb presents the idea to the mayor and the city council of each city for a green light for implementation. So far, street addressing for 40 towns and cities has been implemented throughout Lebanon with the majority of municipalities in Mount Lebanon.

Streets with existing names were preserved. Other streets were simply numbered to maintain order and avoid any disagreement over names.

So your house has an address. Still, how will people know where my street is, you ask?

The way to write a proper address.

Just like in every other country with addressing, the people will first of all get used to the street names and appreciate the benefits of addressing and maps. So far in Lebanon, we have not gotten to know the street names but we have one device that will read addresses and give directions. Naturally, this is the GPS device from NavLeb. In the near future, like any other developed country, we will be able to simply search addresses on our phones and on online maps.

Stay on the lookout for street addressing in your area.

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