Not a single one of us is perfect. We all try to bring out our good side when we’re with people, but the occasional slip-up is inevitable. We asked people what they thought their worst personality quality was and they answered.

“I’m a new person every time I have a new boyfriend. I basically adopt my current boyfriends interests and hobbies (rugby, gaming or anything else) and when we break up I go back to myself.”
Jenny, 20

“It sounds sociopathic, but I like to make new friends and then cut them off just to test how charming I can be around new people.”
Anonymous, 37

“I lie to my friends so that I feel superior to them. The other day I lied to my friends about a vacation I never took to France.”
Anonymous, 38

“I’m a bit of a music snob, I guess.”
Dahlia, 20

“I make fun of my friends and sometimes I can I go overboard and their feelings are hurt. I can’t help it because I’m constantly making jokes so it’s hard to draw a line.”
Kareem, 22

“I gossip a lot. Almost all of my conversations are about someone I know, and if I hear something about a friend of mine I’m still likely to repeat it.”
Makram, 18

“I’m brutally honest with EVERYONE. Sometimes it’s not so handy. Like when your boss’ dress comes up in conversation with her and you can’t help but tell her that she looks like she belongs in a monastery in Tibet.”
Loulwa, 29

“I have Kanye West’s confidence, except I’m better than Kanye West.”
Dany, 22

“I have a giant tendency to shut out people in my life and this is how I’ve lost most of my friends.”
Paula, 25

“I am the worst driver ever and even though I’m obviously trying to get better, I refuse to listen to anyone who tries to teach me.”
Jana, 19


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