I know what you are thinking: Why would anyone buy hummus from the store when your teta can make it for you at home? Well, my teta does not live in Lebanon and she actually has no idea what hummus is. And even though I know how to make it from scratch, sometimes life is super hectic and you just need a tub of hummus!

While most store-bought hummus is just plain terrible, there is one that is the equivalent of a diamond in the rough. It’s the hummus they sell at the COOP Supermarket in Hamra.

This hummus is creamy, smooth, tangy, and delicious! The best part: it’s only 5,000 L.L for a medium sized container. Every single Lebanese person who I know who has tried it, has LOVED it. The manager at COOP told me it is one of their best sellers among students and families alike. So if you’re like me, and you don’t always have time to mash up chickpeas or ensure that you have a jar of tahini, you can just buy a tub of hummus and enjoy.

I once heard Natalie Portman say that the secret to her slim figure is that she eats her body weight in humus every day. And now with this super affordable and delicious option, you can too! Try it, trust me.

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