Believing in all things beautiful, a quest to bring together items of esthetic and historical value, to present a culture emphasized and never lost, no matter how diverse under the same roof, in one mansion at the very heart of downtown Beirut.

The Robert Mouawad Private Museum portrays the vision and mirrors the appreciation bestowed by Henri Pharaon on his tenderly crafted collection, a gleaming reflection of the past now confirmed a guardianship into the future.

Regular: 4,500 LL
Students: 1,500 LL

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Robert Mouawad Private Museum

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    Army Street, Zokak el Blat Downtown Tel.: +9611980970


Past Events

Art From the Heart Exhibition at... Exhibition (Painting & Drawing)
Le Printemps des Bijoux... Exhibition (Jewelry, Handcrafts)
Jala Makhzoumy Talk at Robert... Seminar & Lecture (Talk)
Hadi Damien Talk at Robert... Seminar & Lecture (Talk)
Emily Nasrallah: Pioneering... Seminar & Lecture (Talk)
Hana Alamuddin Talk at Robert... Seminar & Lecture (Talk)
Faisal Abu-Ezzedin: The Cedar... Seminar & Lecture (Talk)
Ziad Abichaker: From Garbage... Seminar & Lecture (Talk)
Kamel Lawand:The 1001 Secrets of... Seminar & Lecture (Talk)
Akram Najjar at Robert Mouawad... Seminar & Lecture (Talk)
Creative Art Therapies... Seminar & Lecture (Conference)
Tawazon Ehibition Exhibition (Sculpture, Jewelry)
Discover Homeopathic Seminar & Lecture (Conference)
Omissions Sélectives by Zena... Exhibition (Painting & Drawing, Sculpture)
Feng Shui Conference Seminar & Lecture (Conference)
Elie Rizkallah Live Live Music
Pray for Japan Fundraiser
Mini Trip Beirut 2010 Party (Special Themed Party)


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