At some point during our miserably single lives, we’ve all probably joked about how food is better than any man or woman; but this Russian man just took that saying to a whole new level.

A 22-year old Russian man recently tied the knot with a Pizza at an intimate ceremony held at his favorite pizza place. That’s right, a pizza got married and you still haven’t, let that sink in.

He explained his decision by saying, “Love between two humans is a complicated wild would not reject you or betray you, and speaking quite frankly and sincerely, I love it."

Both the Russian authorities and the Orthodox Church have refused to recognize the marriage as legal, so the ceremony was held at the place where the couple first met (awwww) - a pizzeria in Tomsk. Employees attended the wedding and issued the couple a marriage certificate on a clipboard, and I hear the wedding vows were a bit cheesy (much like this joke).

Here are some of the wedding photos:

Though there was mush-room for improvement regarding the wedding venue, we still think it’s cute and personal.

The stunning bride is wearing a Fall/Winter DOUGHnna Karan bridal collection veil.

No details have been revealed about the wedding night yet, but I bet the pizza was on top-ping (Last pun, I promise.)

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