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Freesimsar is a very professional site rich in useful information mainly the new useful info page, NOW and exclusively for freesimsar you can know real estate prices of all cities and areas in Lebanon. Freesimsar started listing used cars in Lebanon.

FreeSimsar FreeListing on Mar 20, 2011 via web
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Property for sale Beirut lebanon Mekalless round point Land description : 5000m2-700m2 tokhteet = (4300m2)left for sale ----Zone T1--- 50% superficial explotation---- and 1.60% total explotation. Address: Dekwane area and also connected to Mekalles round point facing Haptoor Hotel. Price: $4400 per m2 . Contact Mr Alfred El-Hage Cel : 03785249 / 03-240059 Tel fax: 04-409937 / 04-532819

Alfred El-Hage on Mar 10, 2011 via web