There is a new attraction in town and we have been waiting to try it out, just so we could tell you all about it! We have all been eagerly anticipating the promises of exterminated boredom and endless fun, and it’s safe to say that CosmoCity has definitely lived up to the hype.

Illuminated with an array of flashing bright lights, CosmoCity teleports you to a futuristic destination of complete and utter enjoyment. The two-story entertainment center is filled with state of the art arcade equipment, laser tag, and a 7D interactive theatre (one that we were graciously invited to a free trial of).

CosmoCity is a gratified thrill to video gamers of all ages, and an ideal venue for birthday parties with tailor-made packages to suit your choice. 

Unfortunately, as cool and interesting as the initiative is, we found the prices to be slightly steep for Lebanon's average consumer.  For example, though the 7D experience brought literal tears of joy to my eyes, it averages at $10 for every 5 minutes of fun - which might make one reconsider. Especially when considering that most families have more than one child, families can end up spending a good amount of money in very short periods of time.

The verdict:

1) CosmoCity can be visited every once in a while. An occasional visit would satisfy your need for an enjoyable evening without severely damaging the wallet.

b) CosmoCity's main attendees are likely to be privileged children and teens.

c) We need to make more money.

Compared to other amusement centers, CosmoCity is definitely more advanced, offering interactive games, top service, and incredible prizes to win. It's a great place to be, just maybe reserved for special occasions!

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