The Home of Hope is a non-profit organization which serves the misfortunate, abused, abandoned, and orphaned children in Lebanon.

It was stared in 1999 after the Lebanese government opened the doors for NGOs (non-governmental organizations) to aid the large number of mistreated children residing in Lebanon.

The Lebanese Evangelical Society opened the institution with the hope to make it a refuge and shelter for CARs (Children At Risk). The majority, if not all, of the children who come into the Home of Hope come from a background of violence, abuse, and neglect.

Many of them are street children who are forced, usually by their family or child labor ringleaders, to beg or steal in order to bring in money. Others, meanwhile, come from even more heart-rending situations, such as sex trafficking, drug experimentation, and even human organ trafficking.

Home of Hope Lebanon

Addresses and Contacts

  • Tel.: +9615769664



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