Christmas is a time for gathering, a time for love, a time for gratitude, a time for appreciation and…a time for gifts. A few people shared with us what the worst gift they’ve ever received was, read on and cringe.

“I once received a book that I already owned. But the worst part was that the edges were worn out and it had orange chips crumbs on some pages, gross”- H.M.

“I once went to a Christmas Dinner at a hotel and I was really excited about getting a gift. At the end I was surprised with a small sewing kit…because that’s what all 10-year-old boys want.”- R.R.

“My sister clearly forgot to get me a gift but still insisted that she didn’t. She handed me a small package and when I opened it, it was just some Christmas tree ornament wrapped in paper”- R.E.

“A pen…yes, just a pen”- P.S.

“Socks! Although they were a semi-fancy brand but inno still…they’re freakin’ socks!”- M.E.

“I got Flower Power pajamas when I was a little boy”- J.B.

“Cat food, and I don’t even have a cat! I think the person had me confused with somebody else”- M.P.

“A gym membership. Seriously, who does that? I gained weight, I got it!”- G.F.

“A Justin Bieber poster. I hated him and my friends wanted to “prank” me. It wasn’t funny, just a really crappy gift.”- H.N.

“Worst gift I have ever received: a plate.” - N.F

“Worst gift I ever received was a gold and red cover for Kleenex boxes.” - C.J

“An air freshener for my car. My car does not celebrate Christmas, I do!” – A.H


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