We all know that Christmas is the most magical time of the year. But do you want to know the one place that makes it a million times more magical? BHV. It’s the best place for kids and adults and it has everything you need to make your Christmas the best time of the year. Here are just a few reasons why you need to visit BHV this holiday season:

1. They're under the Christmas spell.

This holiday season, BHV caught the holiday bug in a major way. The entire department store has been decked out with decorations, activities, fun games, and interactive displays. There is a dose of fun hidden in every nook and cranny! The amazing people over at BHV have worked hard to highlight Beirut this season, all the while providing a magical mood - Christmas with a Lebanese twist!

2. The magical displays that tell a story.

Shopping and great deals aren’t the only things that make BHV the perfect Christmas stop, they also have one-of-a-kind fantastic moving window displays. You read that right, moving displays! The displays tell the story of two girls on Christmas Eve. They are at home preparing for Christmas dinner with their families, excited and running around the Christmas tree. At midnight, the girls get run to the clocktower in Downtown - we won't ruin the ending for you! These moving displays are sure to keep your children engaged and curious, all the while keeping you entertained.

3. You can get everything and anything, all in one place.

Instead of hitting up dozens of stores and getting stuck in nightmarish traffic, and having to find a parking spot every time, just go to one! BHV has it all: toys, clothes, accessories, home appliances, Christmas decorations, perfumes, and cosmetics! It is a one-stop shop for all your Christmas needs, and it’s ready for you.

4. Entertainment for your kids.

Give the young ones a cool memory this Christmas by helping them meet Santa; you can bring your children or younger siblings to meet Santa at BHV everyday from December 15th until January 5th between the hours of 4 and 9 PM. Additionally, the place is decorated so fantastically that it is sure to make a lasting impression on them! Santa’s house is a cozy little corner that looks like childhood heaven!

5. You can go in there with a plan.

An easy to use online catalog that has been designed especially for Christmas makes shopping so easy. Just select your items beforehand and go in there to buy them. No need to walk around aimlessly around for hours — just look at the amazing catalogue from the comfort of your own home! This is bound to cut your shopping time in half and make you more efficient.

6. Rule social media with the #BHVBeSanta contest

Pass by Santa’s house in BHV Citymall, access his closet, take a picture of yourself and upload it to Instagram and tag @bhvleb and #BHVBeSanta. The best selfie will win big.

7. More fun, games, and prizes!

Every day, a small Lebanese-themed figurine is hidden inside BHV Citymall. Find it and win an instant prize - it’s that easy! For example, there is the figurine contest: a small figurine will be hidden in BHV Citymall every day, find it and win a gift instantly - it's that easy! Follow BHV on Instagram (@BHVLeb) and check BHV's Facebook page for the daily hint to increase your chances of winning. This fun little game is bound to keep your family entertained and busy while you sneak off to buy their awesome gifts!.

8. The amazing activities.

If you thought Christmas could not get more exciting, think again. BHV has planned a medley of activities for all ages. There will be a playdoh workshop, a Nerf shooting area, and a Barbie themed concert! It has basically transformed into a funhouse!

9. The magical decorations.

This year, you don't need to hunt down a Christmas village because BHV has simulated a perfect one for your kids. Entire areas of the department store have been turned into Santa's workshop! Other areas look like Santa's cozy home filled with Christmas cheer. And although they're technically there for the young ones, we know you'll enjoy them too!

10. The tree.

Take a selfie next to the most beautiful tree in Lebanon. BHV’s Christmas majestic tree is a must-see this year, so stop by and check it out!

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