The holidays are here which means it’s time to start shopping. And while some of us are efficient shoppers, others just drive around aimlessly, pick up some fast food, head home, and call it a day. This is why we here at have decided to make your lives easier by compiling a list of must-have gifts for this holiday season!

For Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend:

1- FADE IN Christmas vouchers.

FADE IN: offers year-round creative writing workshops in everything from writing for movies, novels, short-stories, comedy writing, storytelling, or anything that crosses your mind. For that creative person in your life, for that loved one who loves writing and telling stories, or, for anyone who wants to give it a try, FADE IN: Christmas vouchers are the perfect gift. Choose from up to four designs for your gift card, then choose the amount - it ranges from $20 - infinity! Your card will be valid for any of FADE IN:'s creative writing workshops, programs, seminars, or private sessions. This Christmas, give the gift that inspires. Click here to order your gift voucher today. 

2- Yun Scarf and Dil Dress by Nour Hage.

Lebanese designer Nour Hage has made a name for herself designing elegant, affordable, and modern pieces that stand out on the fashion scene. For this holiday season, get your beloved the unisex Yun scarf (available in three color schemes) that can quickly transform a drab outfit, or opt for the versatile Dil dress, perfect for any occasion and can be dressed up or down accordingly. Actually, just get both. You can get yours here.

3- Smartphone power-bank.

Relationships are all about knowing exactly where your lover is at all times - which is why their phones need to be charged. We kid, but this useful and handy gadget is perfect for your partner to keep their battery from running dry! You can get yours at Class Mobile Stores around the country.

4- Beard-care kit.

For the boyfriend who has still not recovered from No-Shave November, we recommend a beard-care kit. This would include a pair of high quality scissors and a comb for him to keep his mane in perfect condition. Toss in a bottle of beard oil to condition and tame his manly whiskers and you have yourself a cool gift. Put together a kit at the BHV department store where their many capable beauty assistants will help you.

For Your Parents:

1 - Awesome gift certificates from Healthy Happy Us and Nu Yu MediSpa

Give your parents the gift of rejuvenation and revitalization with vouchers from leading nutrition and health center Healthy Happy Us and Nu Yu MediSpa. Enjoy these Christmas offers that would make even Mrs. Claus jealous:

- Christmas Silky Skin $70 per area ($50 if you cover more than 6 areas)
- Christmas skin glow: Booster $200 - PRP $400 - Meso $100
- Christmas facial - (Teenage Glam, Christmas Glow, Snow White) for $100 each.
Christmas fresh-up: Botox and One syringe of filler $600
Tone up and benefit from a free private training session with every nutrition consultation.
- Buy the perfect home workout kit including a pair of dumbbells, Swiss ball, and jump rope.

2 - Fitbit activity-tracking watch.

We all wish our parents would take better care of themselves, so what better motivator than a brand new gadget to help them keep track of their activity, exercise, food, weight and sleep. You can find the Fitbit gadgets at Virgin Stores around Lebanon.

3 - Converse sneakers.

Let’s face it, parents look adorable as hell in Converse sneakers; plus, they really love comfort - they talk about it all day. So this holiday season, give your parents the gift of comfort! Available at any Converse store around the country.

4 - Kusmi Tea teapot and teas

Kusmi offers a wide range of delicious and healthy loose-leaf teas. Couple a few flavors with a brand new infusing teapot and you have yourself a great holiday gift! Available at both ABC Achrafieh and ABC Dbayeh .

For Your Kids:

1- Star Wars Battlefront (PS4/XBOX One game)

With the new movie just days away from release, your child is guaranteed to catch the Star Wars bug. Feed his/her obsession with this brand new multiplayer video game that you’ll want to play too!

2 - Create My Book personalized books.

This is the ultimate way to motivate your child to read more - by giving them a book that is about them! All you have to do is pick the theme of the book and give some basic information about your child, after which you will receive a personalized book starring your child and his/her friends!

To learn more and order your personalized copy, click here.

3 - CosmoCity voucher.

The newest amusement center in Beirut is bound to knock your child’s socks off! The two-story entertainment center is filled with state of the art arcade equipment, laser tag, and a 7D interactive theatre. Give them a day of fun with their friends!

4 - Nintendo 2DS.

An affordable, hand-held gaming system that is perfect for kids. The Nintendo 2DS system can play all Nintendo 3DS games, plus nearly all games from previous systems. Available at Virgin Stores around Lebanon.

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