As if the human rights lawyer needed more of our love and acclaim - she’s managed to win us over one more time.

The renowned barrister has partnered up with the NGO "100 Lives” to set up a scholarship program for young Lebanese women. The NGO itself is an “initiative rooted in the events of the Armenian genocide” - a case that is close to Alamuddin’s heart, and one that she has worked on in the past.

[Alamuddin with co-founder of 100 Lives.]

The scholarship program will select a young woman to be sent to Dilijan, Armenia for two years of schooling; the program is meant to enhance cross-cultural learning and support young women’s education in Lebanon. The selection will be based upon academic performance as well as a visible interest in human rights and international affairs.

This program will greatly increase educational opportunities for Lebanese women, and cements the fact that although Alamuddin herself was raised and schooled in the UK, she still acknowledges her ties to Lebanon.

"Cross-cultural learning and studying abroad can be transformative. I am grateful to 100 Lives for helping to open doors for these bright and talented young women[,]” said Alamuddin

Alamuddin has become an inspirational role model for young women everywhere, working hard and rallying for human rights all the while making sure to give back.


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