Tired of calling places to ask for reservations? Sick of trying to alter your reservation to find space at your favorite spot? You can now do this from the comfort of your own home with the new ReserveOut plugin on Beirut.com! Designed for those of us who are super awkward over the phone, ReserveOut can make your life so much easier. The process is so simple, it’s just three easy steps!

Go to Beirut.com

2. Find the restaurant/pub/club you’re looking for and select it

3. Click the red “Reserve Online” button and select a time slot for your reservation

Ta da!

Making reservations has never been easier or faster; you no longer have to keep redialing the venue’s number when the line is busy, you just follow three easy steps and you’re done. Be sure to make use of this cool feature and revolutionize the way you make reservations!

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