There are two sorts of know-how. The first is: actually knowing how to do something. And the second is called “Google know-how.” Who among us hasn’t used the internet to learn how to do something? It’s not just for practical tips, even answers to big existential type questions have been asked.

If you want to take the pulse of what’s on the mind of the Lebanese, then you should head to Google and type in “How can I” in the search bar. Here is the top for searches that come up. (Drumroll, please.) The top four cultural obsessions in Lebanon are:

How Can I be Rich?
How Can I Stop Eating?
How Can I be Happy?
How Can I Sleep?

Since everyone is super busy these days, I took the liberty of reading a bunch of these websites and distilling the main advice given by the Google gods.

To be rich you should “invest and save your money.”
To stop eating you should ask yourself: “Am I really hungry.”
To be happy you should “change your soul (sprit).” ***
To sleep you should “inhale through your left nostril.”
*** The website said this could be achieved through meditation***

And there you have it, Lebanon. Your top four questions answered by Google.


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