If you were born anytime around Christmas (or are by any chance a Christina whose birthday is on Christmas Eve like me), then you must’ve been subjected to one or more of the following...

1. When people think it’s okay to wish you a ‘Merry Birthday’ on Facebook.

Oh wow, how creative! You can’t possibly be this funny. It is humanly impossible. Ho. Ho. No.

2. When you never feel compelled to celebrate your birthday because the whole universe is in a celebratory mood already.

I mean, everyone is already celebrating so why even bother? *Jingle Bells playing in the background*

3. When you suddenly stop getting two gifts from each family member after a certain age.

You know you’ve successfully transitioned into adulthood when you experience the disappointment of receiving one gift for both Christmas and your birthday instead of two separate gifts. This is like a legitimate rite of passage.

4. When you’re used to having a ‘bûche de Noël’ as your birthday cake.

Blowing your birthday candles off a Yule log (English for bûche de Noël) has become a highly anticipated holiday tradition. You’ve just gotta do it at least once every year.

5. When you’ve never experienced the joy of receiving a birthday card because all you get is Christmas cards.

The existential struggle is alive and burning.

6. When you have to buy people gifts on your own birthday.

It's my birthday
It's my birthday
I'mma spend my money (on other people).

7. When you’re sick of receiving Christmas-themed gifts.

All I want for Christmas is cash and common sense… *Unwraps gift* Oh, another Santa mug… How sweet.

8. When all the above struggles don’t mean a thing because your birth date rocks, and so do you!

I shall be blessed and rejoice.


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