Yes, we know you pass by and pick up a bûche de Noël on your way to Christmas dinner, or you order one to your place when you’re hosting. But this year calls for something special.

That’s why we hunted, tested, and found the best holiday cake you can make this year. This decadent dessert is everything a holiday date should be: super easy, a real crowd pleaser, and full of wine. That’s right, wine. Introducing the best-ever Red Wine Chocolate Cake.

We taste tested it and can confirm that it is dead simple to make and insanely delicious. Follow the recipe found here with instructions! We recommend you serve it with the wine you used inside (a nice Merlot works best, but anything will do).

Just so you know, this cake tastes like hot chocolate and mulled wine made a delicious baby. It reminds me of spending Christmas in Paris, walking through the holiday market, letting my senses be attacked by the scent of chocolatey pastries and drinks, while cinnamon-infused wine gently simmers at every other kiosk. It’s rich and fudge-y, although all you need is unsweetened cocoa powder for the chocolate flavor in it. Adding cinnamon (and a little nutmeg or clove if you really want to get creative with holiday flavors) makes all the difference, although you won’t be able to point it out after it’s baked. Keep in mind there’s a bunch of alcohol in this, and it doesn’t all cook out. So make sure you serve this to adults only.

You don’t need to think of your New Year’s resolution to get in shape just yet. So whatever you do, make sure you try this sometime before your conscience catches up with you. Cut the recipe in half and make it into cupcakes or individual cakes, add some red wine glaze on top, or serve with vanilla pecan ice cream, and enjoy this holiday hug on a plate. Let us know what you think!

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