New Year’s Eve is a magical night, a night to have fun and party, a night to spend with friends and family, a night to stuff your face with food and hate yourself for it the next day, a night to curse at traffic and regret going out. There are endless possibilities of how people can spend their New Year’s Eve and so we bring you the 7 types of people on NYE:

1. The “new year, new me” philosopher

This person will flood our timelines with his deep “new year, new me” posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram every year - only to be the exact same horrible person they always were.

2. The “new year, new me” hater

This one will complain about the “new year, new me” philosopher on every social media platform, and I think I speak for all of us when I say that we’ve all seen more of this person than the former.

3. The party animal

This wild beast will party their way through the new year hitting up the hottest clubs and parties. Get ready for all the Snapchat stories because this person wants to make sure you know that they’re having a good time.

4. The designated driver

This person plays the parent figure for the night; they will refrain from drinking, will try to stop the party animal from snap-chatting ridiculous x-rated material, will stop anyone from texting their ex, will watch them have fun and be silly all the while questioning why they ever became friends with them in the first place. They’ll also drive everybody home safe and hold their hair back as they puke. If any designated drivers are reading this…we love you and thank you.

5. The introvert

The introvert spends the night at home with snacks and enjoys some hardcore gaming/TV show binge-watching. This person is the clear winner of NYE; they get to stay home in pajamas and stuff their faces with food, not have to deal with the traffic madness.

6. The family sweetheart

This person goes the extra mile to plan a cute family gathering on NYE with lots of delicious homemade food, board games, music and dancing. It’s all about the quality time!

7. The game show enthusiast

This person is patient and dedicated, they will spend the whole night watching our local tv stations and trying to enter every possible game show and giveaway to get some prizes: money, a car, a house, gold, you name it - they’ve been waiting 364 days for it.


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