It’s time for our fashion rundown. Make some space in your closet for new fashion arrivals by letting go of the excessively over-worn items below. Take a deep breath, roll up your sleeves, go!

1. Slip-on sneakers

The galaxy is fed up with characterless slip-on flat-forms. These wannabe sneakers might’ve seemed cool and comfy at first but their style-degrading composition can no longer be tolerated on fashionable ground. You are highly advised not to wear them outside your bedroom.

2. Anything with “You can’t sit with us” or “I woke up like this” written on it

We all know you did not wake up like this (well unless you’re a human wonder who came out of the womb with 75-inch eyelashes and flawless velvety skin) and your snobbish Mean Girls impersonation was never fun to begin with. Now move on.

3. Shark-shredded jeans

I have nothing against distressed garments in general, but if your jeans have more holes in them than actual denim, then you might want to throw them back where they belong. In the ocean.

4. Studded Valentino pumps

Out of all fashion clichés in human history, studded Valentino pumps are probably the cliché-ist (in ALL existing colors, shapes and sizes). Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT wear these unless you’re looking to publicly and solemnly confirm your nouveau-fashionista status.

5. Fringed everything

The 70’s inspired trend was tolerable and all until cheap fringe took over all local fashion stores in every possible variation. Time to tone down the fringyness a little (A LOT, actually).

6. The iconic Hermès belt

Recent statistics have revealed that Lebanon has more H-shaped belt buckles than actual citizens. Like, I know how emotionally tempting it is to flaunt your Hermès belt on every possible Instagram occasion, but the noble accessory has just become too over-worn, over-spotted and over-photographed to survive.

7. High-waist shorts

While high-waist shorts can be seen as flattering to certain body figures, the summer fad has been excessively abused by the female population to still qualify as fashion.

8. Triangl-like swimwear

Somebody call the fire department. My eyes are still burning due to excessive overexposure to Triangl-inspired beach garments over the summer.

9. Temporary metallic tattoos

I totally appreciate the effort you put in your Tumblr-esque metallic combination but I’m afraid this trend turned out to be more temporary than your temporary tattoo itself.

10. Longchamp’s Le Pliage tote

This bag has moved from a fashion trend to a full-on worldwide tradition. Maybe it’s time to make a change, try something new, explore new fashion horizons… You name it.

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