Running out of fashion inspiration for New Year’s Eve? We’ve got your back on this one. Here are five last minute outfits you can style using basic pieces from your everyday wardrobe while still looking as stylish as can be.

1. Metallic Grunge

Incorporate your basic black jumper into an edgy night look by pairing it with high-waist leather shorts and a pair of metallic pumps. Throw in a statement necklace and patterned tights to create a sophisticated twist and you’re ready to go. Do not forget to go bold with your lipstick!

2. Burgundy Blues

I designed this visual in a pretty much self-explanatory way to show you two different styling alternatives for your leather jacket. You can either pair it with nude pumps and a midi dress for a chic NYE look or go for pointy flats and a ballet skirt to set a more extravagant vibe for your end-of-year outfit.

3. Groovy Leather Pastels

This is probably the most fun and laid-back combination on this list. If you own a simple black skirt and crop top, you can use the duo as a base for your outfit and add a colored jacket on top. Go for platform boots instead of formal heels and introduce eccentric accessories to maintain the groove. I tried to experiment with two pastel colors that are not paired together very often, blue and peach, to achieve an original end result. But you may opt for any other color-pairing that suits you. The possibilities are infinite for this one!

4. Velvet Fusion

Velvet and wide-leg trousers were both huge trends in 2015 and this black pair of flare velvet pants is the perfect combination of the two. Such a piece is best paired with a plain crop top like the one in the picture. Throw in a faux fur vest to keep yourself warm. You may also add a touch of color in the accessories.

5. Red Shoes

The last outfit idea is tailored for colored shoes. The above design shows how you can style the same pair of heels in three markedly different ways. The first look features sequined jeans, a little black top and a crazy yellow touch. The second (and laziest) choice is to pair the shoes with an elegant close-fitting black dress. And the last is built around a semi-opaque shirt, tucked under gold-belted leather leggings.

Have fun with your look and happy new year in advance!

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