Yes, steroids are legal in Lebanon. But that doesn’t mean they don’t come with real risks.

Most people would agree that gyms and personal trainers are pretty expensive in Lebanon. Looking good, however, has so much social currency that for those who can afford it, no price is too high. Dedication to beauty isn’t strictly a female domain—more and more men are experiencing psychological disorders associated with unhealthy body images.

It sounds made up but “bigorexia,” better known as Muscle Dysmorphia, is a disorder where a person feels he (since it mainly afflicts males) is too tiny and insufficiently muscular. Symptoms of the disorder include obsessive thoughts about exercising and diet to the point where it is prioritized over everything else and interferes with daily functioning. It is sometimes dubbed the Adonis Complex.

Very often bigorexia is accompanied by steroid use to achieve the desired look, and while it is illegal in most countries, here in Lebanon the use of steroids is much more common than it should be. But nobody will admit to actually using them, everyone wants to seem “au naturel.”

Most of the steroids found in Lebanon are mainly imported from China and Thailand, and their quality of course cannot be guaranteed. A cycle costs around $800 and lasts between 3-4 months. But the real cost may be much higher.

Physical side effects include the development of breasts, shrunken testicles, and infertility - to name a few. Psychologically, steroid use can trigger insane mood swings, paranoid thoughts, and violent rage. Sorry to say this but if you’ve been on Gemmayze street at 3 AM on any given Saturday night, you may have witnessed these tough guys with short fuses. They don’t call it lean and mean for nothing.

It’s understandable why some men want to look more ripped; it’s an evolutionary advantage in an increasingly competitive sexual marketplace. There are other commodities worth investing time to improve—like good manners, culture, a good sense of humor, to just name a few. At the end of the day, nothing is ever worth risking your mental and physical health.


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hahaha "roid rage" please do some more research from someone who actually works in the industry of pro bodybuilders who take legit steroids. this was so wrong on so many levels i shared it with people who do actually work this specific industry we all had a laugh . thank you for the article anyways

Ahmad Chbaklo on Jan 6, 2016 via web
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Violent rage? It has not been proven in a scientific setting that steroids can cause "roid rage" and whatever anger exhibited on steroids is simply a display of personality. Also, the testicular atrophy is very reversible when the steroid cycle is over. Moreover, some cycles can cost as low as as $150-200 which consist only of testosterone or orals. The true problem with steroids in Lebanon is that it has become almost completely acceptable and no longer a taboo not stigmatized beyond the walls of the gym. The whole notion of medical side effects is blown out of

Ribal Al Assaad on Jan 5, 2016 via mobile web