Probably the only article about Lebanese tetas that does not revolve around food…

1. Your favorite distraction.

2. This MAJOR disappointment.

3. Age-old fortunes.

4. The entire Tupperware archive.

5. In particular, these two.

6. And let’s not forget about this…

7. A picture of you looking something like this.

8. Crochet everything.

9. Traditional soap.


11. A rusty encyclopedia set you’re not allowed to touch.

12. These iconic coffee cups.

13. The healthiest refrigerator magnets ever made.

14. Souvenirs from every single wedding/baby shower in the family.

15. More stuff you can’t touch...

16. The mother of all board games.

17. A random stack of old but unused electronics.

18. Cedar-wood ornaments.

19. Vintage tailleurs hung in plastic covers inside teta’s closet.

20. Too. Much. Yarn.

21. This coffee pot.

22. And a beautiful bundle of good old anecdotes...

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