Winter is such a beautiful time of the year; gathering around chimneys, roasting chestnuts, wrapping yourself into a burrito with a fluffy blanket, and enjoying a cup of hot chocolate…ah, perfect! However, with every storm come a few dreads that we share, we bring you eight things we fear every winter:

1. Getting out of bed

That early morning struggle of getting out of bed, then daring to get undressed in the freezing cold so you can get ready to start your day - it’s torture. And don’t forget the fact that you have to leave your warm and cozy blankets and face the cold, wet world.

2. Going to the bathroom

Cold toilet seats are the worst. Well, warm toilet seats are horrible too! It’s bad enough that I have to take off my slippers and risk them being stolen by a sibling, and that I have to take my warm pajama pants off, I also have to deal with a freezing toilet seat too? Nope, it’s not happening. I’ll hold it.

3. Running into someone you know

This is already annoying enough on regular days, imagine how frustrating it can be in the cold weather. You have to take your hands out of your perfectly warm pockets to shake their hand or hug them. Can’t we all agree to just nod and say, “Sup”?

4. Washing your hands

I might as well go skinny dipping in the arctic waters; we try to avoid eating with our bare hands so that we don’t have to wash them afterwards. Eating Pringles with a fork seems like a pretty good idea now…

5. Tunnels

This is very Lebanon-exclusive. I have become terrified of driving into tunnels when it’s raining heavily. Every year we witness floods in tunnels with people getting stuck in their cars while the cars drown in water. Now I have to pray to all the Gods before I drive through a tunnel.

6. Shitty Wi-Fi and cable

This is probably the most dreaded item on the list. For some reason, we all experience bad Wi-Fi and cable services every single time there’s a storm or rain. I’m still not exactly sure why this happens, but unfortunately it’s something that we have to deal with.

7. Horrible traffic

Traffic is always a pain in the ass, but just when you think it can’t possibly get any worse…it does. Every time it rains, cars start piling up everywhere. It also does not help that the colder the weather, the more you have to pee. It’s like your bladder shrinks in winter! So yeah, long hours of traffic and a relentless urge to pee is as bad as it gets.

8. Putting on jeans

Jeans are always, always freezing and every time we put them on, we get an acute case of hypothermia. Which is why we’ve officially declared winter as leggings and sweatpants season.

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