Café Younes is without a doubt one of the most authentic Lebanese hangouts. Their good food, cozy ambiance, genuine Lebanese coffee, and homemade cakes always have us coming back for more. Especially the homemade cakes.

It is impossible to talk about the goodies at Cafe Younes without discussing the baked crème brûlée cheesecake. Let that sink in. Baked (yessss) crème brûlée (fuck yes) cheesecake (AHHH). This incredible concoction has a crumbly cracker base layered with a densely rich custard, topped with beautiful crystals of burnt sugar. It is delicious, decadent, and orgasmic!

The homemade feel of the cake will remind you of homemade desserts. It has a perfect texture, a perfect sweetness balance. The cake is very rich and very soft and creamy. It is a piece of heaven on a plate.

Do yourself a favor and head down to Cafe Younes for a slice (or three) of cheesecake.


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