Modern-day Lebanese series are often criticized for being formulaic and unnecessarily metaphorical, but there still are a few that we’re always going to miss…

1. This Social Drama

Written by Marwan Najjar, this dramaturgically compelling tale of complicatedness traces the struggles of a group of teenagers and their families. Airing in the early 2000s, the series was a pioneer in raising social issues such as peer pressure, addiction, prejudice and the generation gap. On a less informative side note, I bet the catchy opening song has already started playing inside your head.

2. This Vibrant Comedy

This 22-episode comedy was widely successful when it first aired in 2001 (the plot was also carried into a movie later on). It tells the story of a divorced sports instructor living with her daughter and two cousins in one house. The lightness of the plot, fun characters and chemistry between cast members make this series a winning formula on all fronts.

3. This Twisted Thriller

You must remember this thrilling short series from 2003. The plot follows a young country girl who moves to the city to work as a maid in a mansion full of secrets, which is then struck by a series of incongruous murders. Her boldness and beauty eventually get her in trouble. But the series was mostly exciting because it kept viewers on the edge as they followed the investigations closely in an attempt to solve the case.

4. This Fun Sitcom

Another series from 2003, Abdo w Abdo kept us entertained for weeks. Georges Khabbaz and Yorgo Chalhoub formed a dynamic duo as they portrayed two cousins that practically have nothing in common but the name. Their respective characters just fit them like a glove and the adventures got funnier with every new episode. You also still remember the song, admit it.

5. This 2005 Hit

This was basically the series everyone watched in 2005. The scenario is pretty simple: Rana, a spoiled girl who has never worked a single day of her life, suddenly finds herself in a critical situation after her father goes bankrupt. This marks the start of her never-ending love hate relationship with Tarek, the benevolent son of her father’s friend, whom she accuses of being responsible for her dad’s financial difficulties. She also suffers a multitude of hilarious job fails along the way, which are basically the most entertaining part of the plot.

6. This 3-Season Family Affair

I know we’ve already had three seasons of this (the last one being in 2007), but it wouldn’t hurt to have another one. Many factors contributes to the success of this family drama including Mona Tayeh’s coherent scenario, decent performances from the cast as a whole and the undeniable on-screen chemistry between Roula Hamadeh and George Chalhoub. It was also one of the few series that challenged male dominance in the Lebanese society.

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