Travel is the ultimate form of discovery - be it discovery within yourself or just discovery of the world around you. It gives you a chance to explore different cultures, expose your taste buds to exotic foods, and experience new things.

One phenomenon you can't help but notice, though, is that, for some reason, whenever Lebanese women travel, they try their very hardest to be as fashionable as humanly possible in the most unsubtle manner. It's great to have a flair for fashion, but girls that regularly wear jeans and a t-shirt are suddenly fighting temptations to pull out their fedoras and glitter vests when they pack for a trip abroad.

When the temptations are strong and your willpower is failing you, though, you should at least do it right. We at have put together a guide on what to pack for your travels to make it seem like you are just as fashionable every single day as you are on your holidays.

Eight pairs of sunglasses (for a two-day trip)

If you're going on a longer trip, keep the 4:1 ratio in check. A minimum of four sunglasses per day is the norm. Even if there aren't four hours of sunlight in the respective country you're visiting, feel free to wear your sunglasses indoors or in the dark. Actually, a well-known fact is: the less you actually need the sunglasses, the more chic you seem to be while wearing them.

Red Lipstick

You've heard it time and time again: a pop of color adds a certain oomph to any outfit so this is a staple of any travel wardrobe. Even if you're wearing ripped sweatpants and your dad's old hoodie, this can make you look like the most sophisticated hobo out there. "The Lipstick Trick", as I like to call it, might even distract your parents so much so that they refrain from telling you that your ensemble is like that of a homeless person's.

Head Jewelry

You're definitely too shy to wear this in Beirut because passers-by will probably whisper amongst one another about how you don't know what the uses of a bracelet are because you've mistakenly placed yours on your scalp. So, you can choose to pack this as well if you're going for a glamorous-meets-Coachella type of look in a judgement-free zone, abroad.

Temporary gold tattoos

They even sell these in the on-board duty-free on different airlines nowadays so be sure to buy these during your flight if you've forgotten to pack them. Caution: They really do not look as effortless as you like to think they do.


Chokers, which fit snugly onto the mid-neck area, make any outfit look a little more punk-rock chic. These made a comeback recently and with good reason - if we have the option to decorate one more part of our body, why not? I'm still waiting for it to be "in" to wear a shin bracelet. (How cool would that be? I'm patenting that.)

A Boyfriend

This is optional but he can be surprisingly useful on vacation. A boyfriend wouldn’t necessarily up your fashion game but think of all the great photo ops, like forming a heart with both your fingers around national landmarks. He can also prove to be beneficial as your personal photographer, documenting all your whimsical and very natural moments. For example, if you happen to come across a local child in a developing country, aforementioned skilled-boyfriend-photographer can stand at a distance and take snapshots of you that look like you’re there on a charity mission rather than visiting the country to test out their spa rituals.

Good luck packing and we hope that this guide has inspired you!

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