The Lebanese court of appeals has decided that a citizen can change his gender legally and officially.

Examining the case of a transgender man who no longer wished to legally be listed as a female, Judge Janet Hanna ruled in his favor granting him the right to be listed as male in all official capacities - meaning: his identification papers.

The court cited the right to treatments that relieve the suffering from identity crises (such as hormone therapy and gender reassignment surgeries) as a “fundamental and natural right, no one can deprive him [the sufferer] of.” The ruling also states that the individual does not have the right to divert back to his previous gender.

While the LGBTQ community in Lebanon is more vocal and present than any neighboring countries, it still has a long way to go. LGBTQ individuals are rather targeted by law enforcement officials, and though this decision can still be overturned by the Supreme Court, it is indeed a major stride for transgender individuals and LGBTQ supporters alike.


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