Join us as we look back at some of the best Lebanese TVCs we witnessed in 2015.

1. Byblos Bank - We Are the Makers

Byblos Bank chose to advertise its new Makers Account, exclusive for young adults between 18 and 24 years of age, through a well-scripted, beautifully shot commercial. Directed by Wissam Smayra, the ad delivers a charming blend of truth, nostalgia and all-round pleasant aesthetic experience.

2. Touch - 4G (#Bati2)

This ad from Touch came out in December 2014 but mostly aired throughout 2015. The plot follows the wild adventures of Speedy and Amigo, two characters we’ve previously witnessed in a number of Touch TVCs, this time in a fully revamped setting. Conceived and executed in a striking, unapologetic Western vibe, the commercial is captivating from start to finish.

3. CLMC - Trafficking In Persons Campaign 2015

Released on the occasion of The World Day Against Trafficking in Persons, this commercial marked the launch of Caritas Lebanon Migrants Center’s Trafficking in Persons Campaign 2015. The ad sends a powerful message about the crime of human trafficking and urges entities within the Lebanese society to report trafficking offenses (including forced prostitution, organ trafficking, child trafficking and modern slavery) without fear or hesitation. The campaign in its printed form also earned CLMC a Bronze in last year’s prestigious EPICA awards.

4. Buzz - Karl’s Case (aka Wala3ofee)

Last year, Buzz released two commercials depicting Wala3ofee, a prevalent condition among the Lebanese, characterized by impulsive excitement and unexpected reactions, ultimately leading to momentary episodes of losing oneself. And while both Wassim’s case and Karl’s case were cute and all, I personally thought the latter was slightly catchier (which eventually earned it a spot on the list).

5. Al Joumhouria Newspaper

Simple, clever, right on point. Definitely deserves an honorable mention for creativity.

6. Beirut Beer - Chou Kil Yom Mjadra?

Out of all the ads we’ve seen last year, this Beirut Beer commercial was a definite show-stopper. Directed by Samir Syriani and produced by creative boutique Operation Unicorn, this subtle invitation to ‘shake things up’ and ‘try something new’ made major buzz nationwide as soon as it came out in March 2015. Mjadra lovers shall rejoice now.


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