At Sarvam we offer a variety of styles that target the fitness of the body and the calmness of the mind. Our classes are offered in a very unique surrounding. Sarvam is located in a renovated red old house, with high ceilings, offering a serene space that will capture your breath, and will get you coming back for more.
Styles offered:
- Vinyasa Dynamic Flow / Ashtanga Yoga:

Dynamic practices

Burn around 600 to 700 calories

Physcial Benefits: Promotes Core Strength, Weight Loss, and Overall Health

Help to release stress and calm the mind

- Hatha Yoga:

A gentle traditional style of yoga

Promotes body detoxification, integrity of the spine, and body strength

Burns around 400 calories

Help to release stress and calm the mind

- Prenatal Yoga

- Kids Yoga

Sarvam Yoga

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    Gemmayze, first right after Urbanista Cafe, street of Myu Pub and Garderie Claire Maassab, Red house on the left side after the Garderie Gemmayzeh Mob.: +9613013013


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