An ancient beverage originating from the Middle East, beer consumption in the Middle East and North Africa region has been on the rise in recent years and it should come as no surprise that the four best ones hail from Lebanon. Here are a rundown of the four best beers you can find in the region:

1. Almaza

One of the most well known beers on this list, Almaza is indisputably the most popular beer of the Middle East and everyone knows it as an icon of Lebanon. And it’s so so good with nuts, a staple snack at any Beirut bar due to its crisp and almost fruity taste.

2. Beirut Beer

Established in 2014, Beirut Beer is a relative rookie on the beer scene. But don’t discount this newbie just yet, not only is the taste smooth and amazing, but it’s by far the cutest bottle to Instagram.

3. 961 Beer

Exported worldwide, everyone loves 961 Beer. A child of the July 2006 war, the company has seen rapid growth in the past couple of years. Their pale ale has a deliciously spicy smell and herby taste.

4. Colonel Beer

If you are looking for something that tastes a bit more refined, Colonel Beer is for you. It comes from an independent microbrewery and their gorgeous Batroun brewery and restaurant is a huge plus.

5. Taybeh Beer

From the Palestinian village of Taybeh, this hand-crafted beer has the advantage of being free of additives, making it kteer taybeh, and also healthier.

6. Stella

Established all the way back in 1897 in Egypt, Stella is one of the most lauded Middle Eastern beers out there.

7. Laziza

This non-fermented lager (a beer with no alcohol) comes in four yummy flavors: lemon, raspberry, apple, and peach. The only beverage that looks and feels like beer only without the hangover.

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