What’s 10-feet tall and has no sense of social or moral awareness? This billboard!

[Image via Mawtoura

We’re not going to comment at length about how socially irresponsible, misogynistic, unethical, and downright horrible it is to equate a woman’s worth with her looks. And how silly it is for a supposed doctor to insinuate that you're only worth being called after you get beautified at his clinic. And for a doctor to suggest that you're a performance art piece that is only validated when a man calls you back. And for a doctor to encourage you to get beautified so you can be loved.

We’ll just leave this picture here for you guys to comment.

Also, your name is Dr. Ashy. Fix your name before you fix people’s faces.

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But unfortunately that is how a women is judged in this society

Sylvia Elkawa on Jan 22, 2016 via web
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so sexist!

Bisseh Bisseh Bisseh on Jan 22, 2016 via web
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Love the fox ur name before u fix faces part!! 👍🏻👍🏻

Claire Khoury-Rababy on Jan 22, 2016 via mobile web