Do you guys remember the Cronefeh? It was the heart attack inducing marriage between a knefeh and a croissant.

Well, forget the Cronefeh because this classic Lebanese breakfast dessert has upped its game yet again. This time we bring to you: the vodka infused knefeh.

The Vnefeh? The Knodka? Anyway the people over at Stolichnaya Lebanon are suggesting that you pour a little bit of salted caramel flavored vodka atop your knefeh, you know, to sweeten it up and make your coworkers seem more likable.

This is the perfect breakfast for Sunday mornings when your family won't shut up. It's the perfect pick-me-up before a meeting with your boss. It's perfect for when you want to take an intense sugar high and add a drunken layer to the mix. Breakfast is the new Happy Hour!

This is as Lebanese as Lebanon gets - you're taking one of our most prized possessions (knefeh) and adding another sacred Lebanese element (alcohol) to the mix; Stoli, you are after our hearts. Literally. Because our hearts are going to explode and we're going to die after eating this 5,000 calorie cholesterol bomb.

But who truly needs a liver and a pancreas and a body that fits into average sized clothing? Not you. You need a vodka infused knefeh.


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