This post was requested through our Facebook Page by someone who wanted to have healthier options after a decadent holiday season. So here are some alternative options to those of you who want to have a lighter meal!

1. T Marbouta

In addition to its beautiful venue, the food at T-Marbouta is seriously good. The portions tend to be big, and always made of fresh vegetables - none of that processed stuff. One of the dishes that tastes incredible is the potatoes with coriander, a healthier alternative to fast food French fries. Just beware of ordering it too spicy, it will melt the insides of your stomach.

2. Zaatar w Zeit

If you’re a person who doesn’t mind spending a little extra on food, then Zaatar W Zeit is perfect because it gives you good return on your money. One particular sandwich that (in my opinion) cannot be matched is the Spizy Chicken. I don’t know whether it’s the succulent chicken or the delicious sauce that makes it stand out but either way, this is an A+ sandwich that you can just eat forever and it’s probably a whole lot better for you than a generic fast food chicken burger. ZwZ famously uses fresh, whole ingredients which makes your lunch a whole lot more nutritious, all the while not skimping on taste.

3. Lina’s

Though I’m not a huge fan of salad, there is one particular salad that I love love love: the Orzo Grecque salad at Lina’s. It’s a combination of light pasta (orzo), feta cheese, thyme, and cherry tomatoes. Everything about this dish makes your mouth water, even if you don’t like salads. The ingredients are so fresh, it’s so perfectly dressed, and the protein from the cheese is sure to keep you full and satisfied.

4. Gracy's

One of the things I love about Gracy’s is that they put the number of calories under every meal so you don’t have to overthink your order. As for what you should order, La Ledgendaire is one salad that is definitely recommended; chicken, mushroom, walnuts, and avocado at only 350 calories? Yes, please! The food offered here is healthful and delicious.

5. Carla's Good Food

This institution is renowned for offering healthy and delicious meals, and very low calorie desserts! While it serves as a diet center for people looking to lose weight, there’s nothing wrong with indulging in some low-calorie meals to help you stay in tiptop shape! You can indulge in any of the "healthified" classic meals like the veggie lasagna.

6. Fiber

In addition to having a very health-oriented menu, Fiber restaurant also offers delicious and hearty soups. You can get lentil soup, broccoli soup, veggie soup, and chicken soup - so filling and they all taste incredible! Bonus: they also have a healthy pizza!

7. La Fitness Diner

For those who workout, La Fitness Diner is a dream come true. They have several sections in their menu (protein plates, body balance, body builder meals, RPM wheat pasta, and sprint burgers) to help you construct the perfect meal. Under every section, there are dishes that cater to you depending to how much you work out and what type of workouts you do, guaranteeing that you get your nutritional needs.

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