With so many distinct types of personalities in Lebanon, we thought it would be cool to find the perfect matching cocktail for each one. And what could be better than whisky cocktails? Whisky is delicious, smooth, versatile, and good for you! So, do you know which whisky cocktail matches your Lebanese personality? Read on to find out!

1. THE EX-PAT: Back home for the holidays or a short family visit, this person cannot wait to play tourist and soak up the city all over again. They will drag all their friends to every hot spot in the city, and make them party until they drop. But that's okay, because you'll be glad they're back.

The matching cocktail:

The Visitor:
- 6 cl Dewar’s 12
- 3 pieces of lemongrass
- 3 pieces of tarragon
- 1.5 cl cinnamon and vanilla syrup
- Garnish with tarragon and cinnamon

By bartender Rawad Makarem of Eau De Vie - Phonecia Hotel, Beirut.

2. THE OUT-OF-BEIRUT WEEKENDER: The capital is not enough anymore. This adventurous soul takes every opportunity to explore the country’s nooks and crannies, all the while uploading hundreds of photos of his excursions on Instagram.

The matching cocktail:

Into The Woods:
4 cl Dewar’s 12
2 cl Sole Gin
2.25 cl Orgeat Syrup
2.5 cl lemon juice
8-9 pieces of mint
Hickory wood smoke

By bartender Mike Kassabian of Sapa Beirut - Achrafieh.

3. THE ALL NIGHT PARTY GOER: From hitting up pubs at Happy Hour to closing down BO18 at sunrise, stopping the party is not an option. Being friends with this person is a sweet and sour experience: you get to have a great time, but you'll most likely lose your wallet along the way.  

The matching cocktail:

The Hen Tale:
6 cl Dewar’s 15
2 cl homemade vanilla syrup
4 cl fresh lemon juice
1cl fresh orange juice
2 drops chocolate bitters

By bartender Billal Rahal of East Village - Badaro.

4. THE BRIDE/GROOM-TO-BE: Constantly stressed while figuring out how to look as HAPPY AS FREAKING POSSIBLE. Opinions are not always welcome if they are not compliments. Their trigger words are: invitations, family, venue, and price - careful not to bring out bride/groomzilla! 

The matching cocktail:

The Planner:
4 cl Dewar’s 12
1.5 cl lemon juice
1 scoop vanilla ice cream
6 cl Martini Prosecco
1.5 cl homemade vanilla syrup
Garnish with lemon zest

By bartender Mirelle Eordekian.

5. THE RECENTLY TURNED LEGAL STUDENT: Ah, yes…Those hopeful youngsters who still think they can move out and be independent when they turn 18. Meh. At least they can drink their sorrows away now!

The matching cocktail:

Number 12:
5.5 cl Dewar’s 12
3 cl Aperol
2.5 cl lemon juice
1 dash grapefruit bitters
Garnish with lemon zest

By bartender Elie Kazmouz of Escobar - The Village, Dbayeh.

6. THE SOCIAL MEDIA BUTTERFLY: This person will Snapchat the ride there, check-in on Facebook when you arrive, Instagram pictures of the food, and Tweet snide comments about you throughout. #Worst #Date #Ever - but a really fun person to follow on social media.

The matching cocktail:

The Last King Of Scotland:
6 cl Dewars 15 blazing (with fresh mango and banana)
3 cl fresh lime juice
1.5 cl Golden Falernum
10 ml cinnamon syrup
10 ml sugar syrup
Garnish with banana leaves and cinnamon sticks

By bartender Rani Bayda of The Bar - The Village, Dbayeh.

7. THE WORKAHOLIC: A star employee who can’t wait to take the edge off after a long and frustrating day. You can usually spot this person carrying their laptop around - suit and tie mandatory, briefcase optional.

The matching cocktail:

The Scotch Cigar:
5 cl Dewar’s 12
1 cl Frangelico
1 cl Martini Rosso
1 teaspoon Homemade Cigar Syrup.
Garnish with orange peel

By bartender Ralph Malak of Ales & Tales - Hamra.

8. THE GYM BUFF: Expect constant calorie-counting and intense enthusiasm about either Crossfit, protein powder, or both. They're always feeling great about benching a new weight, just smile and pretend you know what that means.

The matching cocktail:

Serious Mass:
5 cl Dewar’s 12
1 piece of fresh banana muddle
2 cl Lemon Pure
2 cl Nestles condensed milk
1.5 cl egg whites
Garnish with cocoa powder

By bartender Kevin Haddad.

9. THE MAR MIKHAEL HIPSTER: Graphic designer by day, clunky shoe enthusiast by night. Beard, check. Top-knot, check. Melancholy, check.

The matching cocktail:

Flip The Bird:
3 cl Dewar’s 12
1 cl Punt e Mes
1 cl sweet vermouth
1.5 cl Cherry Heering
1 cl Cointreau
1.5 cl fresh lime juice
1 egg white
Garnish with an orange twist and cherry

By bartender Santana of Vyvyan's - Mar Mikhael.

10. THE HAMRA PUB HOPPER: They’ll start off with a beer in the afternoon and still find themselves wandering around Hamra at 2 AM wondering how every single Wednesday night manages to turn into a party.

The matching cocktail:

Monarch Cure:
4 cl Dewars 15
2 cl lemon juice
12 cl tomato juice
3.5 cl Monarch mix (Worcestershire, celery salt, hot sauce, Martini Glan Rosso, coconut water, apple cider, salt, Angostoura bitters)
Garnish with apple and celery foam

By bartender Issam Gebrael of February 30 - Hamra.

Did you spot your friend's personality on the list? Make sure you let them know which cocktail they're missing out on!

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