Winter just got a whole lot warmer because it’s time for the BHV Mois du Blanc. This season, they have a whole lot of accessories and offers to help make your winter as warm and comfy as possible - read on!

1. Cuddling just got a whole lot better.

With the 100% cotton comforters you can find at BHV, your cuddle-game can be stronger than ever. Whether you’re curling up with your loved ones, your pets, or even your stuffed animals - you’re sure to be warm and cozy.

2. Soft blankets and fluffy pillows.

Grab a book, hold on to that blanket, and sink right in! BHV is offering such a wide variety of high quality blankets to keep you fuzzy all winter.

3. The special BHV sales promotion.

Up to 50% on a large selection of Bed & Bath linens, you better hope that you relish every moment in between your sheets! You can get a good preview of the amazing prices in their online catalogue.

4. Beautiful colors to soothe you.

You can make your room look like a chic hotel room by picking out some of the muted, gorgeous pastel items offered at BHV. Whether it is the stylish pillows or the floral bed sets, with surroundings like this, who needs to ever leave their room?

5. Live the hotel lifestyle right in your own home.

One of the best (if not the absolute best) part about staying at a hotel is the huge fluffy robe they have waiting for you. Nothing can be the incredible feeling of wrapping yourself in a soft terrycloth robe, it instantly comforts you and gives a feel of luxury to the experience. So why not bring that experience home with these awesome terrycloth robes from BHV? They’re a steal!

6. Get a good night’s sleep with the right items.

Having the wrong pillow can ruin your sleep pattern and also wreak havoc on your neck and spine, causing pain and discomfort. This winter, you can find the perfect type of pillow for you at BHV: feather filled, padded fiber, siliconized hollow fibre, and many more options to help you get the perfect nights sleep! You can ask the experienced sales staff for help. 

7. It’s all about the mattress.

We all know that no bed is complete without the perfect mattress; and this season, you can revolutionize your sleeping habits with the REVA mattresses found at BHV! Whether you’re into a firm spring mattress or a softer foam mattress, you’re guaranteed to find what you want.

8. The all inclusive catalog.

We know it’s cold and stormy outside, so why not mentally shop right from your couch? Check out the online catalog for this season’s offerings at BHV right here online, and make a list of everything you want to buy before you head out!

9. Accessories galore.

For the pesky instances when you do have to get out of bed, you need to make sure that the rest of the room is up to par. BHV has got you covered once again with a variety of end-tables, trendy lamps, throw cushions, stylish laundry baskets, and more! And don’t let your bathroom stay dull, make use of the promotion on towels, racks, and soap dispensers to make your bathroom your second haven.

10. The cool window displays.

Need more inspiration for a dreamy winter? Look no further than the awesome window displays at BHV that are sure to give you tons of decorating and accessorizing ideas. Also, the comfy display will encourage you to get right back in bed.

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