If you haven't heard about contouring yet, let me give you a quick recap: it's the use of darker shades and highlighters all over your face in an attempt to reconstruct your look and create slimmer noses and exaggerated cheek-bones.

Like most terrible things, we can blame Kim Kardashian for initiating this. Kim and her family of wealthy degenerates admittedly spend hours getting their hair and make up done every single day; and a huge part of their esthetic has been the use of contouring.

This trend has caught on, and then some. I recently saw a video of popular beauty blogger HudaBeauty contouring her stomach to create the illusion of a six pack.

Then there's this person contouring her chest to create the illusion of huge knockers.

Is this not insane? It was one thing when people were using make up to create higher cheekbones and a slimmer nose, but fake abs?

We need to stop this, as a society. It's really nice to look nice, but you need to chill out and come to terms with your bone structure. You can't just paint on body parts that don't exist. How would we feel if men started painting on larger appendages? Misled.

The truth is, you're free to do whatever you want with your face - just know that you look like a dummy. Your make up should not be inspired by Ronald McDonald.

Is this some sort of experiment done by make up companies to see what they can convince women to do for beauty? Women are walking around Beirut looking like jacked up Rembrandts, it needs to stop. Save the face paint for Halloween.

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