A Women’s Rugby Team is being reintroduced to the Lebanese scene!

In coordination with the Lebanese Rugby Union Federation, and the captain of the National Men’s Rugby Team of Lebanon, Karim Jammal, a group of girls have initiated the renewal of the Lebanese Women’s Rugby Team.

The first all female Lebanese Rugby team was initially established in 2010 but became inactive shortly after. This past month, Jammal was approached to help renew the team and asked to take over coaching it - to which he agreed. Jammal has extensive playing experience in Lebanon as well as the UK. The process has moved quickly since then, and the team will begin training in March.

Thus far, there are approximately 30 women (in their late teens to early 20s) who have signed up to train. It is not necessary or expected of the girls to know how to play rugby - all women are encouraged to join. The training will start from a beginner level in order to ensure thorough knowledge of the game, providing a strong base for all team members. The majority of the women have never played before, showing that the enthusiasm to learn the game and form a team for Lebanon again is at a high.

If you are interested in being a part of the Lebanese Women’s Rugby Team, contact the coach at karimjammal88@gmail.com or check out their Facebook Page here.


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