It’s difficult to get that whole independent big boy phase going while you’re still having your mom make your bed and do your laundry. While it’s totally normal that most Lebanese men in their twenties (that haven’t gotten hitched yet - and unfortunately some that have) still live with their parents, it isn’t always a walk in the park. Here’s what nine people have to go through while living at home.

"It’s not like people usually think. I’m still an adult, which means I still have to take care of my own stuff around the house- except for chores. On the other hand, it's like I’m an average Joe who comes home after spending the day out and expects nothing from his parents. They usually ask about my day, expecting progress for a promising career. It's about the effort that counts. Not beating myself up for it though."
- Wassim, 28

"I live with my mom that never really leaves the house so I am never able to comfortably bring girls over. It kinda sucks considering a lack of intimacy makes the entire country sexually frustrated."
- Anonymous, 25

"It’s suicidal.”
- Jad-Ev Nasser, 23

"I love the idea of being independent and bringing home girls whenever I want but to be honest, it’s really nice coming home to a kitchen full of food every night."
- Khalil, 23

"Some Sundays I’d like to sit around in my boxers, scratch my balls and watch Netflix. When my mom wakes me up before noon after I spent the previous night partying, it takes everything in me not to throw a fit."
- Anonymous, 25

"'Me time' is usually about 3 AM when the entire family is sound asleep. So I guess you can say I’ve learned how to work around it."
- Firas, 23

"The only time it really gets uncomfortable is when I have friends over and they see my stuffed animals and the way my mom treats me like a child. Other than that, it beats paying a staggering amount for rent and electricity."
- Hassan Nasser, 26

"I don’t mind the fact that my parents are home all the time. If I need privacy, I’ll just get a room anywhere. What really bothers me is their constant badgering about what I’m going to do with my life, when I’m going to get married, and why I haven’t put away my folded laundry yet."
- Tarek, 28

"I’m actually looking for a place as we speak; since my mom found a bunch of DVDs she didn’t approve of in my room and tossed them out."
- “Whatever you do, don’t use my name," 21

What crazy things do you go through living with your parents?


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whene you're home alone, u can play music or put music on your sound system at midnight. :] :P

Youssof El Masri on Apr 11, 2016 via web