If you struggled through forced foreign language courses in High School or university, you may have shuddered when you read the above headline. Maybe you’re interested in the idea, but you don’t see how you could find the time. Others of you might be wondering ‘What’s the point, I’m already bilingual’.

Well, adding a second, third (or even fourth) language to your repertoire has several advantages. You distinguish yourself in our global business world, you enhance your cognitive skills, and finally, you develop an openness to and appreciation of other cultures.

Let’s say you’re convinced. You might be wondering what language to learn and more importantly, where you can learn it. Here are a few places where you can apprender, lernen or imparare a new language.

1. Berlitz Language Center

Located in Hamra, Berlitz is one of 500 centers in over 70 countries where you can study the language of your choice for business, pleasure, or travel. You can choose from private, semi-private, or group classes in addition to their unique Total Immersion program.

Languages offered: Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish

2. American Lebanese Language Center - International House (ALLC)

All languages taught are generally offered at 8 major levels ranging from Beginners to Proficient and take place twice or three times a week over a period of two to three months.

Languages offered: Chinese, German, Spanish, Italian, and French

3. American Learning Center (ALC)

The primary focus of the ALC is to help you perfect your English language skills. They offer courses on ‘Business English’ and ‘English for Special Purposes’, as well as several other languages.

Languages offered: English, French, Spanish, Arabic (both colloquial and official)

And there are these centers that specialize in single languages:

4. Goethe Institute

If you’re planning on taking a German language course, or already known a little German, the Goethe Institute is the perfect place for you. In their general language courses, you can set your own pace and decide whether you want to learn intensively or extensively, and even choose one of their special courses that enables you to improve your business German or study special topics.

5. Instituto Cervantes

At the Instituto Cervantes, you’ll not only learn the Spanish language, but also get the chance to explore different aspects of the Spanish culture. In their cultural program, they offer theatre related activities, dance, music, literature, art, architecture, and more - all of which are open to the public.

6. Istituto Italiano di Cultura

What better way to prepare for a trip to Italy than by learning the language and getting a taste of the culture through the Italian Cultural Insitute’s diverse assortment of events? From exhibitions, musical concerts, and film reviews to seminars and theatrical shows - you’ll feel like you’re in Milano before you know it. 


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