Old Testament was established by Mr. Wissam Abou Khalil in 2000.

Their aim is to offer to our customers each piece of furniture as a piece of Art.

That’s why they search all over the world and in all the rich villas and the poor houses to find the antique furniture and the unique accessories, they bring them and restore part of them and remake the other parts, so they can offer customers unique pieces at a very low price.

They search the old windows, they make coffee tables, tables for sitting rooms, and mirrors as well as dinner tables or desk tables, TV cabinets, bars,…

That’s why almost of the pieces in their gallery cannot be found in other places, and each piece in our gallery, is a piece of art by itself.

Old Testament Wissam Abou Khalil

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    Hadath, Camil Chamoun Street, Near Galazy Cinema Hadeth Tel.: +9615957797
    Mob.: +9613822029


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