Is there anything more alluring than the smell of freshly baked bread or cookies that are still warm from the oven? At Yammine Bakery, bread making is elevated to an art form. We give attention to detail and a passion for pastry.

The three Yammine Brothers (Georges, Michel and Jean) founded a family business in 1960 at Dora, to produce Arab bread baking and pastries.

In 1970, one of the brothers, Mr. Jean Yammine dissolved the foundation and reestablished in Jamhour, and then in 1974 he relocated in Sin El Fil.

A year later, the wood oven took-off attracting a considerable clientele of the Arab and French bakery and pastry industry. With the emergence of technology, years later, Yammine bakery adopted the automatic oven, and ever since, the equipment evolved constantly to ensure the best possible service.

Yammine bakery continued to grow throughout the years and in 1992, Mr. Jean Yamine’s son Issam Yammine, became the General Manager of the company, and followed his father’s footsteps into investing in the family business’s growth.

In 2000, Mr. Issam Yammine enlarged the institution. He bought a land in Rabieh and built a bigger bakery composed of several departments (bakery, pastry, cooking ...)

In 2002 the project was launched and registered under the number 252688 in the Ministry of Finance.

Whether you’re craving fresh bread or a melt-in-your mouth croissants, at Yammine Bakery we offer you a large variety of fresh, healthy and quality products and pastries.
Our missions is to offer bakeries and pastries made from fresh ingredients, and offers guests everything from authentic pain au chocolate to delicious fresh bread.

We make sure we make a good example of a successful story!

Yammine Caterer

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    Shukri Hanna Shammas Street Rabieh Tel.: +9614416417


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