Classified by the Ministry of Tourism as a Historical Boutique Hotel, and envisioned as a

‘Home, away from Home’, Via Mina is a boutique hotel which remarkably combines old and new in order to procure its lodgers with a comforting yet charming ambience allowing them to indulge in an exquisite experience. It is ideal for business travelers, tourists who wish to escape the complexity of accommodations, an escapade for honeymooners, and a getaway from the chaos of the city. Via Mina is a charming boutique hotel dating back to the 19th century, reflecting the peculiarity of the French colonial-style.

The Boutique Hotel is equipped with homey comforts in refined splendor and unconventional charm that satisfy every lodger’s needs. Via Mina echoes the right state of mind for a refined, meticulous yet smooth escape from daily stress.


Location matters! Via Mina is 85 km away from Beirut International Airport (Rafiq El-Hariri) and is located in the heart of El-Mina, the coastal city in Northern Lebanon. Located within the Mina district, which is highly-sought for its nightlife and diversity of restaurants offering various cuisines, especially exceptional seafood restaurants. It is also blocks away from the famous city’s seashore which is an attractive site for locals and foreigners who visit it for sports, fishing, sailing, and enjoying fresh drinks.


Via Mina is refurbished with wenge; it combines the quality of finishes and the simplicity of modern style. Lodgers can experience tranquility through low-level lighting while enjoying the harmonious blend of dark wood and ample white upholstery. The boutique hotel consists of 16 standard rooms, two suites, two family suites and two duplex suites. All the rooms are equipped with central heating, air conditioning, TV, safe box, complimentary mini bar, bathroom amenities, closet, nightstand, squeezed in sitting area, luggage rack and coffee & refreshment station. The intimate atmosphere conveyed through its furniture and dim-lit interior adds to the delightfully warm ambience the hotel procures its lodgers with. Each room features the fundamentals of a ‘Home’ yet offers the privilege of indulging in an aura of tranquility.


In order to ensure that its lodgers feel at Home, Via Mina provides the following facilities:

 Complimentary Internet access

 Complimentary Mini Bar

 Complimentary breakfast served at ‘Le Café’.

 Laundry

 Housekeeping

 Valet Parking

 Extra Bed & Baby Crib

 Tourist Information Service


The Lounge:

Indulge in the warmth of wood which discretely conveys the coziness of Via Mina. The lounge serves refreshments and beverages while lodgers relax, watch television, read or await a meeting. Adjoining the reception area, the lounge reflects the warm yet inviting ambience of Via Mina. It is perfect for your pre-dinner refreshment or meeting with a friend. A haven of calm for a perfect cocktail away from the heat.

Le Bar:

The design of the lounge is modern yet chic with colors that stimulate the senses. It is an intimate space where health-conscious lodgers and customers can socialize while enjoying a Cigar and soft drinks.Have a suave experience while enjoying the delightfully courteous ambience.

Reading Area:

A characterful reading area with a soothing décor, allowing you to loiter in there indefinitely with your favorite book.

La Terrace:

The outdoor pool and pergola located on the outside terrace offer a homey ‘coin’ where customers/lodgers have a great escape during their busy day and enjoy a beverage, read a newspaper, or simply receive a guest. The terrace conveys a sanctuary-like ambiance allowing lodgers to privately sip their morning coffee or afternoon tea.

Le Café:

Le Café reflects the simple peculiarity of Via Mina. The café serves a choice of healthy sandwiches, salads, soups, pasta and dessert. Lodgers and Customers can share a tranquil ambience while enjoying their meal and sipping on freshly made juices. Decorated with simple wooden chairs and tables, Le Café reflects a warm yet inviting space where lodgers and customers can enjoy their meal and pamper themselves with luscious desserts.

The Patio:

The patio is the perfect place for those who love rich fall colors and a cold breeze in winter, as well as those who wish to escape the heat and relax under mature trees. The Green Area is the perfect place for family and friends who wish to indulge in an early breakfast, a morning coffee or an afternoon tea.

Meetings & Events

The Via Mina Banquet Hall is the perfect place for Meetings and Events. This 180sqm venue befits any occasion such as professional seminars, corporate meetings, weddings, receptions and more. It is a cozy venue for fast, modern-day meetings, interviews and small conferences. It is available in different packages according to customers’ needs and is equipped with a projection screen and a flip chart. Via Mina thrives to please its customers by providing a meticulous plan from conceptualizing their events to catering the finest and daintiest menus in order to ensure them memorable experiences.

  • Check out at 13:00
  • Independent
  • Hotel Facilities:
    Car Park

  • Hotel Amenities:
    Air Conditioning, Balcony/Terrace, Kitchenette, Coffee/Tea Maker, Satellite/Cable TV, Elevator

Via Mina Hotel

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