Unearth your school uniform, press rewind, go!

1. You woke up to this.

2. And had two accompanying alternatives, depending on your mom and dad’s parenting style…

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3. This “gourde” was just, everything.

4. You also knew how to keep your universe in order.

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5. And your pencils in shape.

(via www.long-live-pitmans-shorthand.org.uk)

6. Speaking of which…

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7. School Bus Goals 101: sitting near the window.

(via DailyStar)

8. Your school bus snacks, on the other hand, consisted of four main components.

9. This was your favorite PowerPoint layout.

(via www.internet4classrooms.com)

10. The sound these made every time you opened/closed them still resonates in your ears.

11. Research meant on thing.

12. THIS.

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13. The utter excitement of having advanced technology in the classroom.

(via renebates.com)

14. These fellas.

15. You spent an awful lot of time trying to figure out where to place your name stickers.

16. The struggle was real.

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17. Math meant one thing.

18. And model skeletons kept you entertained in biology class.

(via labtechindia.net)

19. As for the French educated among you, I bet these 4 words hit you right in the childhood.

20. You also divided your classmates based on whether their zaatar “tartine” was wrapped with foil or sandwich paper, admit it.

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Michèle Kamel on Mar 18, 2016 via mobile web
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1. Aint got time for that 2. Aint got time for that 3. Aint got time for that 4. Aint got time for that 5. Aint got time for that 6. Had a couple of those which i stole 7. Nop. I walked to school 8. Top Juice sucks. Bonjus is da real deal. 9. Power point? 10. Squeeky books ftw. 11. That's lame 12. Stupid. 13. Nice. 14. Who the fuck are these 15. Lame. Just write your name on the 1st page. 16. Indeed. 17. That's maths? 18. Rarely 19. :'( 20. Aint nobody got time for that.

Richard Ballan on Mar 16, 2016 via web