On the 12th of March, the Lebanese government decided to open two dumps in the Mediterranean Sea.

These two dumps are intended to absorb 2,400 tons of solid waste, funneled right into the sea. It doesn't take a genius to realize that this will completely destroy the shoreline and the marine life - both of which already in a tragic state.

Lebanon's seas are currently deeply affected by unregulated sewage dumping in areas like Beirut and Kesserwan, this will only make things much, much worse.

It is not only household garbage but also toxic industrial waste that continues to end up in these dumps and “sanitary landfills”, that are siphoned through pipes or the sewage system directly into the Mediterranean.

Lebanon Eco Movement is a large network of more than sixty NGOs working towards the preservation of Lebanon's natural resources and areas. They have now taken up this project in an attempt to save the Mediterranean Sea.

Lebanon Eco Movement plans on taking a petition to the UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) in the hopes that they in turn will be able to pressure the government to stop this environmental disaster.

Please, let us do our part. Let's go further than blog posts and
Facebook statuses. Let's help the cause by signing this petition and urging the UNEP to step in.

You can also help the cause by donating to Lebanon's Eco Movement Observatory: an entity that observes national environmental problems, develops studies, and advocates for solutions.

Donate here.


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