Have you ever been on an MEA flight and thought to yourself: I wonder if I have what it takes to be part of MEA’s cabin crew? It may appear easy, but getting your hands on one of those iconic light blue uniforms is quite difficult.

In fact, being employed as part of an aviation crew is one of the most competitive industries out there. So are you “young, dynamic, and ambitious?” If you answered yes to that, there are only a few other qualifications you have to fulfill.

According to MEA’s website, in order to be eligible to be apply to work as cabin crew you must be Lebanese, between the age of 18-26, be trilingual, be at least 160 cm in height, know how to swim, be medically fit, have a smart appearance, and a clear complexion.

Seems easy (and superficial) enough, doesn’t it? But being a flight attendant isn’t always as glamorous as it may sound. I spoke to one MEA flight attendant who, on the condition of anonymity, told me that while there are a lot of perks there are also some disadvantages.

Here’s what she had to say:


“If you think a crying baby is annoying on a long flight, imagine how bad it is for us. There is very little we can do about the situation except smile sweetly. Inside we are just as frustrated as you!”

Sleazy guys

“Drunk or tipsy passengers who try to hit on you is another annoying part. It doesn’t happen often but once a guy hit the button service and when I came to his seat all he did was wink. Now I wear a gold-plated necklace of my boyfriend’s name around my neck.”

Rude passengers

“You won’t believe the number of people who treat you like you are some sort of servant or barely say hello or thank you.”

Perma-jet lag

I know the long hours and the jet lag is part of the job, but sometimes it can really ruin your sleep schedule.

Not all beverages are born equal

I know it sounds strange but I dread when passengers ask for diet coke. It takes forever to pour because you have to wait for the fizz to settle (which takes longer at a higher altitude). Unfortunately it tends to be the drink everyone orders!


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MEA is the best airline in the world and its cabin crew is the most courteous, nicest, and friendliest I have ever seen. And believe me, I have travelled a lot.

Hussein El-Charif on Mar 30, 2016 via web
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MEA attendants are all polite and helpful !!! It is the clients that are disteptful !! I have seen and heard many in business class shouting and no respect at all as if they owned the plane!!!

May Khoury on Mar 29, 2016 via mobile web
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MEA attendants are the worst! They are very disrespectful and unhelpful

Zeina Kalaani Mehawech on Mar 29, 2016 via web