WhatsApp groups have (sadly) become an integral part of our daily lives. And while some of our groups are on a constant one-year mute, some of them are actually very funny, as long as no one else reads your conversations. No matter what WhatsApp group you’re in, you’ll find these typical personalities in each one:

1. The silent observer

This person reads every single thing that is written but never really says anything. You can tell they really, really want to leave the group but never will at the fear of missing out on a hot piece of gossip or a gathering.

2. The meme master

Listen up, we all look at the same internet and follow the exact same Instagram meme accounts that you do. So you really don’t need to be sending me a barrage of Leo DiCaprio memes all the time because chances are, I’ve seen ‘em.

3. The hyper group enthusiast

This is the person who most likely started the group in the first place, and they’re the reason you wake up to six thousand messages every morning. Somehow, they find the time to be a part of every conversation on the group (and multiple other groups) and yet still work, study, and sleep. This person is my spirit animal, kind of.

4. The pushy one

“Helloooooo, why isn’t anybody answering??” BECAUSE WE HAVE JOBS AND LIVES NOW BACK OFF.

5. The early bird<

This person has a fetish for pictures and good morning texts. They send dozens of “Good Morning” pictures EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. These pictures are almost always adorned with flowers, prayers and wishes. I was having a good morning until I woke up to my photo gallery looking like a garden, thank you very much.

6. The failure of an event planner

“GUYS, who’s in for coffee at 4?” *cricket sounds forever*


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