What makes a street beautiful? The question is completely subjective of course, it depends on what you prefer. It could be colorful street art, a smart use of green space, or something as simple as kids playing on that very street. Certainly, Beirut has no shortage of pretty streets with each part of the city boasting its own unique charm, but here are five streets that caught our eye.

1. Shehade Street

Located in Tabaris, Achrafieh, this street is one of the nicest places to go for a walk. With lots of great places to grab a quick bite or a dessert, the mix of residential homes and small shops adds a lot of old-fashioned charm to the place.

2. Omar Daouk Street

Most people wouldn’t recognize this street name, the Lebanese refer to this district as: “where Elie Saab is”. With its wide sidewalks that are pot-hole free—a rarity in the city—this street is the perfect place to walk your dog or go for a jog. The French-inspired luxury homes and La Duree will make you feel like une vrai Parisienne.

3. Jeanne D’arc Street

This is one of my favorite streets in Hamra because it is a great mix of residential, business, and entertainment. With its narrow sidewalks, this street is appealing because it is always bustling and pretty flower shops line the street heading down to AUB. The smell of BBQ, pizza, and sheesha—not to mention all the kids playing on the street—all combine to add a ton of dynamism to this pocket of Hamra.

4. Manara

Without the sea glistening in the background and the MEA airplanes flying overhead, this street would be rather plain. Take a walk down Manara heading to the Corniche during sunset and you will realize what a treasure it is.

5. Rue Arch Orthodoxe

Tall, leafy trees line this beautiful residential neighborhood, adding depth and dimension to an otherwise urban environment. It’s a great place for a bicycle ride or a leisurely stroll in Achrafieh. But watch out if you want to take selfies there, the police may stop you.

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Well the article is called 5 of the prettiest streets in Beirut, so that would be why.

Joëlle Michel Abi Nasr on Apr 7, 2016 via web
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It's all located near the city of Beirut why didn't you mention jbeil streets or batroun and jounieh

Rita Challita on Apr 6, 2016 via mobile web