This is for those of you who are simply not party people, or for those who are but need a weekend off from all the partying.  

Don't worry there are plenty of fun activities that guarantee an enjoyable night out.  

1.Coloring Nights

Who said that coloring was just for kids? Coloring is a great way for adults to relax and unwind, and moreover, it has been proven that it calms and centers your mind.  

Minus 1, a very creative and interesting workshop space, is just the perfect place to unwind and put your creativity into action. They often have coloring nights, so you end your day with friends and colors in a chilled out atmosphere.

Another great spot is Joon On The Moon that hosts coloring nights on a bi-weekly basis.

2. Game night

 Board games are fun, challenging, and unique since every game you play can never be repeated in the same way. They are very similar to life actually; you never know what is going to be your opponent’s next move and every step you are taking you are calculating all your options.

Strategy Game 42 is a cool place in Mar Mkhayel with lots of board games waiting for you and your friends.

Another alternative place to have a more interactive game experience is Clue Club in which you solve world crises in groups. FUN!

3. Bowling

Bowling is just for everyone, even if you suck it is really fun to play, and you always end up having a good laugh! Form your teams and have a good time here.

4. Hit up the an alternative cinema

The movies shown here are not your usual blockbuster movies, rather a more culturally diverse genre of movies from different eras. A combination of art, life, and history. Movies here always leave you wondering, inspired, and with bursting with discussions to have with your friends.

For more information click here.

5. Visit some theme parks

Even as adults, there is something we find so amusing about amusement parks isn’t there? A night at an amusement park with friends is a night of guaranteed laughter. Whether you’re laughing out of joy, at each other, or at the crappy rides.

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